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General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) occupationally-oriented multiple-aptitude test


Range: Grades 9 to Adult

The GATB is used extensively in Canada in vocational counselling, rehabilitation, and occupational selection settings. The GATB profile of occupational aptitudes can be used to determine appropriate career and/or training paths.

The GATB measures nine distinct aptitudes using 12 separate tests (eight pencil and paper tests, and four performance tests):

  • G - General Learning Ability
  • V - Verbal Aptitude
  • N - Numerical Aptitude
  • S - Spatial Aptitude
  • P - Form Perception
  • Q - Clerical Perception
  • K - Motor Co-ordination
  • F - Finger Dexterity
  • M - Manual Dexterity

The GATB may be used in a variety of ways to achieve the objectives you have set for your ability testing program:

  1. To determine the full range of aptitudes for groups and/or specific individuals (the entire test would be administered in this situation).

  2. To measure the individual's aptitudes and relate them to already specified occupational preferences only (the aptitudes related to these preferences would be tested).

  3. To provide relative scores in a number of different aptitude areas; information that is highly useful in educational counselling (the test would be administered in its entirety or in the specific areas of interest to the counsellor).

GATB test results assist counsellors in matching aptitude levels appearing in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Career Handbook. The GATB can also be used in conjunction with the interest levels found in the Canadian Work Preference Inventory (CWPI) to assist in determining appropriate career paths.

Minimum Qualifications to Purchase the GATB:

  • M.A. Psychology or M.Ed. with at least 3 courses in testing and related subjects such as statistics, individual differences


  • Successfully completed an approved GATB training course

              AND (in either case)

  •  A member of an organization with a code of ethics covering assessment practices

Profile Professional Software

Using the Profile Professional 2004 software (the version released in May 2005 and updated for new Windows platforms in 2009), counsellors can convert GATB raw scores, print GATB interpretive reports, complete computerized searches using GATB aptitudes to match NOC Unit Group Titles from the NOC and Career Handbook, complete a Composite Transferrable Skills Analysis, and much more.

GATB Score Converstion & Reporting Software

GATB Score Conversion and Reporting Software is out of print.

The GATB 'Certification in Testing' Course

A three-day course in the administration and interpretation of the GATB is available. Please check for the next course being offered or e-mail for further details. Correspondence can also be addressed to:


Nelson Education Ltd.
1120 Birchmount Rd.
Toronto, Ontario, M1K 5G4

1-800-914-7776, ext. 3832



Note:  separate parts for the pegboards and finger dexterity boards are available on special order -- contact Nelson for pricing and availability.


(Cdn. $)
Test Booklet 1 Form A (Pkg. 25) 602136-1 $108.00
Test Booklet 2 Form A (Pkg. 25) 602245-7 $108.00
Test Booklet 1 Form B (Pkg. 25) 602138-8 $108.00
Test Booklet 2 Form B (Pkg. 25) 602246-5 $108.00
GATB: Application & Interpretation Manual (the "course manual") 608569-6 $100.00
Manual, Section 1, Administration & Scoring 1986, CDN Norms 602265-1 $60.00
Scoring Mask Form A (1986) 602261-9 $55.00
Scoring Mask Form B (1986) 602262-7 $55.00
Answer Sheets, Form A, Hand Scorable (Pkg. 35) 602140-X $40.00
Answer Sheets, Form B, Hand Scorable (Pkg. 35) 602142-6 $40.00
Answer Sheets, Form A, Hand Scorable (Pkg. 100) 602141-8 $93.00
Answer Sheets, Form B, Hand Scorable (Pkg. 100) see pkg. of 35 see pkg. of 35
Answer Sheets, Mark Marking Part 8 (Pkg. 35) 602145-0 $26.25
Answer Sheets, Mark Marking Part 8 (Pkg. 100) 602146-9 $55.00
Result Sheets (Pkg. 35) 602147-7 $27.00
Result Sheets (Pkg. 100) 602148-5 $57.00
Indicator Sheets (Pkg. 35) 602151-5 $27.00
Self Estimate Sheets (Pkg. 35) 602153-1 $27.00
Profile Sheets (Pkg. 35) 602149-3 $27.00
Interpretation Aid Charts 602160-4 $12.95
Doing Your Best Booklet (discounts for quantities over 30 - see * below this chart) 602159-0 $3.75
Examination Kit
(includes sufficient material to test 2 clients on all paper & pencil tests - Parts 1-8)
602173-6 $185.00
GATB Score Conversion and Reporting Software (CD-ROM)  -- this function is available within the Profile Professional Software N/A N/A
Pegboard (for Manual Dexterity) - includes pegs - does not include a manual, does not include instructions (see 602265-1 listed above) 602161-2 $275.00
Finger Dexterity Board - includes rivets, washers, post - does not include a manual, does not include instructions (see 602265-1 listed above) 602162-0 $210.00


Prices are in effect February 2015.

Prices, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice.

* Quantity discounts are available for Doing Your Best:



30 - 99 = 5 %
100 - 499 = 10 %
500 - 999 = 15 %
1000-1999 = 20 %
2000+ = 25 %